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This project was recorded after Jordan’s Angels (JA) ended, but the flavor of JA had a definite impact on the style in which Heartaches and Halos was recorded.  The songs represent the many years I have spent in the Nashville music scene; writing and performing.  Don’t Make Me Laugh is the earliest co-written song.  Ghosts is the newest co-write.  It has a lot of songs about break ups and heartaches.  I think it is one of the topics that transcends time, location and age.  

We all have had our hearts broken or been a heartbreaker.  That’s the glue that holds this project together.
Album: Heartaches and Halos
A Heart Full of Tennessee Flavor
Cindy Torres
Hi there!  I just wanted to give you a little look at the person behind the music.  My name is Cyndi Limbaugh Torres.  Yes, I am related to Rush and David Limbaugh, but I’m not going to talk about that, except to say that Limbaugh family reunions are loud, fun and full of people with STRONG opinions. 

I grew up in Michigan in a suburb of Detroit.  My family were southern transplants so where music was concerned, there was a mix of country, Motown and hymns. 

I grew up singing in church and I still treasure the old hymns.
I started songwriting in college.  It was a defining point for me.  It is still a defining aspect of who I am.  I love music and I love words and the power of those two together is still amazing to me.  

I have spent most of my life writing my heart out.  Not every song is my story but every song becomes my story for a brief time.  It sways and dances with my heart and it leaves a kiss on my soul.

So, it is my pleasure to share my passion and love for music with you; from my heart to yours.
Video Presentations (Lyric Sing-a-Longs)
Yellow Snow
The idea for this song was "what not to do."  Growing up in Michigan gave my mom ample opportunities to make "snow cream."  That's home-made ice cream using snow as the freezing agent.  When you collect snow for snow cream you want to make sure you get the whitest, purest most untouched snow you can find.  For sure stay away from yellow snow and guys who hurt and use you, no matter how cool they may seem.
On The Front Porch
You might think we stole this song from Tracy Lawrence's song "If The World Had A Front Porch".  The truth is the demo singer we hired to sing it, Kenny Beard, most likely stole the idea from us and then co-wrote the song with Tracy Lawrence.  The closeness of the ideas in the lyrics kept us from pitching ours.  I could have let it go and never shared our song but this song started out being about my grandparents front porch.
We lived life on that porch and I wasn't going to let someone else keep it from the light of day.  So here it is in all it's original and honest reality.
This song started out being a Christian song. However, there is within the Christian Music Business, boundaries on topics that can be used in songs and the word “ghosts” did not meet that criteria.  So, we turned it into a secular song to keep the integrity of the message.  We cannot hide our "ghosts" wether it be hurts, lies or brokenness.  It's all coming out one way or another.
Nothing Says It
This song is about how opposites are attracted to each other.  The how and whys are a mystery but love all comes down to turning impulse in to action.
A Cold Place To Be
This is one of my favorite songs.  I think it's because our perception of hell is heat and hot, but this song shows the pain of being ignored in a relationship.  Cold kills, plants and love.
Oh, Heart
Imagine that, another break up song.  This one is about facing someone you are no longer with.  Unfortunately our hearts don’t give up as easily as our mouths do.
I’ll Be The Rain
I love this song because it's uptempo and driving and it's got bite to it.  It's letting the "do wronger" know that payback is inevitable.  What goes around comes around, and sometimes in large doses.
The Fall
The idea for this song was comparing the cycles of the seasons with a relationship break up.  There’s Spring (infatuation), Summer (hot & irritating), Fall (letting go) and Winter (desolation).  Fortunately Spring and renewal are always coming back.
Don’t Make Me Laugh
I like hooks that take you in the opposite direction you think it’s going.  I always hated the phrase “this is hurting me more than you” from the person initiating the situation.  It may make them feel better to say it, but it doesn’t help the person hearing it at all.
Just Another Hurt
This song is simply about becoming numb to the pain of a bad relationship.  It gets to the point where the end is a welcome relief.
Train of Thought
This song reveals a lot about my obsessive compulsion to “over think” a problem.  I think it’s strictly a women’s song.  We can do a lot of mental gymnastics when we get on that track.
My Old Man
Originally this song was written in the first person, but it’s not always comfortable to openly admit our struggles.  So, Tracey and I used an adult child of an alcoholic as the person singing the song.  Using the rearview mirror as a conduit to connect with the past.  The mirror acts as an agent to see where we have been as well as letting us see ourselves in the present.  It’s a powerful idea.
Break up on steroids.  The singer in this song is leaving everything and everyone to find a better place for themselves.  They have no idea where they are going, but they will “know it when they see it”.
Heartaches and Halos
After I came up with the title for the project I wrote this song to showcase it.  I chose the word “heartaches” because obviously break ups are a recurring theme.  I also chose the word “halos” because to me it’s not about how many times you get knocked off your horse, it’s more about how many times you muster up the courage to get back on.
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