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Jordan’s Angels
Jordan’s Angels (JA) started out as friends getting together to sing and play and the customary potluck.  The group varied in size and makeup but what didn’t change was the love of being together and playing music. 

A few years after we had started our impromptu get togethers, one of our regulars developed leukemia.  Jack Jordan was a family man, teacher, business owner and harmonica player, but what he truly was, was a kind, faithful, gentle soul, tireless in his willingness to be whatever people needed him to be.
As the leukemia took more and more control of his body, the Lord took more and more control of his heart.  We still got together and played.  We played at the hospital, we played at the funeral home.  The joy and peace that being together in those locations gave us was life changing.  Three of us, Mindy Latting Karper, Beth Dierkes and I started going around playing and singing at nursing homes, churches and festivals.  We traveled to several states and received a nomination from the International Bluegrass Music Association.  JA is no longer together but I offer you that music. 

It comes from the heart.
JA’s second CD is a little different in that we have a mix of the original trio and guest vocalists.  Laura Waggoner, Tonja Rose and Tracey Colling sang on 4 of the tracks.  The original songs are again coming out of our walk with the Lord, but the walk had gotten more intensely difficult.  I Wanna See You There turned out to be JA heart’s cry.  Some of our families were falling apart and the affects of that on JA were obvious. 

JA eventually stopped touring and  refocused its priorities.  Through all the challenges faced, the comfort of knowing that the Lord is with us regardless of our circumstances, didn’t and does’nt end.

So be blessed where ever you are and know that He’s got you covered.
Album: I Wanna See You There
Video Presentations (Lyric Sing-a-Longs)
This World Is Not My Home
I Know God
In My Father’s Eyes
Thief in the Night
It’s All About You
Oh, Egypt
I Wanna See You There
I Cannot Go On Alone
Heart of Stone
Down On My Knees
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